About Shari Monner

Shari Monner

Are you forever wasting time trying to find things on your computer or in your office? I can get it organized! Need to reorganize but not sure where to start? I can look around and give you a prioritized check list. Just imagine how amazing your business and life will be once you have these changes in place.

My management and operations experience ranges from conventional bricks and mortar business to online-based and home-based businesses. Although I have gained a wide variety of skills and knowledge, problem solving and systems optimization has always been where I do my best work. Vary Niche Solutions was founded to help business owners who are struggling with efficiency management and systems development.

My favourite part of what I do is helping business owners, like you, maintain the excitement you have for your business and its growth while simultaneously alleviating and preventing stress and frustration as much as possible. The systems I develop are customized for your unique needs as an entrepreneur.

More About Shari

I am an entrepreneur, philosopher, and artist. I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs so business has been a large part of my whole life and I have been an entrepreneur of one sort or another through most of my adult life.

My formal education is in Philosophy and Biology. Philosophers focus on identifying and solving subtle and complex problems in a variety of areas. My philosophical focus is in biology and the study of complex living systems. This training allows me to quickly acquire an in depth understanding of multifaceted processes and systems, study the interactions among system components, and anticipate potential problems or points of inefficiency within those systems.

Our Services

Most of my clients come to me because they are running themselves ragged. They are worried their business is growing faster than they can handle, or have caught themselves subconsciously preventing growth within their business for fear their current processes will crumble under the pressure which accompanies growth. When you are considering expanding your team or hiring for the first time is when I can be of the greatest help.

While most consultants, systems analysts, and management experts only help with very specific aspects of a business process, I find myself analyzing business processes in the same way I analyze biological systems. By treating businesses as living systems, I bring a uniquely holistic perspective to management consulting.

Our Methods

Vary Niche Solutions offers efficiency management diagnostics and guidance for entrepreneurs and their businesses. I pinpoint and anticipate inefficiencies in business processes and guide you to a customized solution for your company.

  • Customized

  • Prioritized

  • Sustainable


I take the time to fully understand each unique business, its processes, systems, mission, history of growth, and any other pertinent information.


I analyze the provided information in order to diagnose points of current inefficiency or limits to future growth and devise solutions accordingly.


Finally, I work with you to prioritize implementation of the prescribed solutions so you can take away a combination of immediate action steps and recommendations for future adaptations to accommodate sustained growth.

Complementary Consultation

Book a 30 minute complementary Systems Overview Consultation with me.

We will get to know one another, you can introduce me to your business, and we'll chat a bit about your current systems.

I will help as much as I can in the time we have. Together we will decide which Vary Niche Solutions services could be a good fit for you and your business.

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